Pauline Melville

‘I have attended literary festivals all over the world – in Brazil, India and Sri Lanka but there was a unique sense of magic about the Alliouaguana Literary Festival in Montserrat.  The island itself has an aura of beauty and mystery that is going to attract any writer.  To be close to such an awesome power of nature as the volcano is also an experience that is rare for any artist and should not be undervalued.  For this small island to set up its own festival of literature is an act of imagination and boldness.  It’s like the flowering of a rare orchid in the bush.  I had  the chance to meet and exchange ideas with other writers from the region in a relaxed and beautiful setting.  And there was the genuine feeling that as artists we could contribute to the development of the island’s communities.  An experience not to be missed!’


Mark Greenwood

Over the years I’ve made many friends at writers’ festivals. Whether we write for children or adults, the writing process is a solitary one so when we come together it is a celebration…and it was even more special because it was in Montserrat.


Frané Lessac

We’ve been raving about the Festival to everyone we meet… Montserrat is very dear to me and I hoped we empowered the children to love reading, writing and illustrating.  We‘ve also become firm friends with many of the authors.


Opal Palmer Adisa

I commend you for all your efforts and wish you continued success.  I very much enjoyed doing presentations at the schools, meeting the other participants, and presenting at the festival.  The events were well organized and went smoothly.


Rachel Manley

“Flying into Montserrat, that exquisitely beautiful Caribbean isle, for the 2nd Alliouagana Festival of the Word, I could see in the distance evidence of the volcanic fury that covered the far side of the island, a reminder of how recent its wounding.
But during the literary festival I could feel the spirit of its people already on the march, stoic, determined and creative, like a phoenix rising. The vibrant and varied festival with so many eager faces of the young, was an inspiration, and reminded me that beyond the urgencies of Mother Nature, the resilient human spirit and its voice live and carry on through tradition and culture. And that’s what this extraordinary festival nourishes, for Montserrat, the region and all of us who love the word.”