Screenwriting Workshop

Howard and Mitzi Allen (HAMA productions)

Good Screenwriting: How to Make it Happen with Howard Allen

Each year, tens of thousands of films are produced around the world in various languages and they all started with a screenplay. This workshop is geared towards beginners, especially if you already have a story idea but you’re not sure how to turn it into a screenplay. We’ll explore the basic skills and techniques used when writing for the visual medium. Participants will learn how to make use of simple tools like structure, character development, conflict and dialogue to craft a story that will take their audience on an emotional journey. Filmmaking is a collaborative exercise so it is very important that screenwriters are familiar with standard script format and creating a blueprint that can be read and understood by all involved.

The workshop, which will be a two hour interactive session, is intended to simplify the process by making it less intimidating and much more imaginative. It may also interest those who are curious about how film scripts, including those developed from existing print materials, are created.

Film & TV director, Howard Allen, will conduct the Screenwriting Workshop. Allen has taught Master Classes on “Feature Filmmaking on a Shoe String Budget” at Ithaca College NY and has conducted UNICEF funded workshops on film and television production for the Youth Department in Antigua & Barbuda. He has produced and directed four feature films and has written the screenplay for his most recent film The Skin a thriller based on Caribbean Mythology.