Clover Lea

(Clover Lea is a wife, mother, grandmother, writer, teacher, artist, musician/lyricist, co-founder of the new Hilltop Coffee House and Family Centre on Fogarthy Hill, and the owner/innkeeper of Gingerbread Hill, in Montserrat, British West Indies.)

As a child, Clover was apprehended by the astonishing writings of George MacDonald, C.S. Lewis, and Madeleine L’Engle. She’s remained an avid reader of their works written for adults. They and others have given her not only her foundation for writing but a lifelong passion to truly seek the deep mysteries of God in the play of the commonplace.


She has previously published poems and articles in several literary journals such as The Caribbean Writer, anthologies such as Beneath the Bananas, books on children with Down Syndrome, and on numerous internet forums. Her songs are in The Price of Paradise DVD series on the Soufriere Hills Volcanic eruption, and elsewhere. She has a music CD coming out

for Christmas in 12/12, with 12 of her songs about Montserrat, the island where she and her husband, David, have lived and raised their family for the past 31 years. She is eternally devoted to loving God and family, to sharing Good, to the work and play of words, chords & colours, together and separately: to authenticity and to purity of heart.

Clover will be launching her book Everyday Lady: Poetic Pauses for Creative Thought at the 2012 Alliouagana Festival of the Word.


Everyday Lady serves up poetic slices of a life that happens to belong to Clover Lea. Yet her carefully crafted phrases reach skillfully into the hearts of the any-aged woman… anywhere with a fresh vulnerability and a steady hand. Her subjects span a range from passion to parenthood, the paradise of the tropics to the seasoned garden of a love that has stood the test of time. Laced within her lines we find humour, wit, discovery, failure, success, and challenge! It’s a provocative look at life through the eyes of a creative woman…who knows her Creator. Book: soft cover, 80 pages with colour photos illustrating the poems. Local Price: EC$54/US$20