Natalie Edgecombe

Natalie Edgecombe is a Caribbean Filmmaker and Television Producer, from the island of Montserrat. Her career in production is a natural outgrowth from her lifelong love of all the arts, especially music. Natalie also writes, sings, and is a skilled dancer. She studied at Emerson College, Boston, and York University, Toronto, graduating with an Honors degree in Film and Video. Her first documentary “The Volcano Generation” tells the inspirational story of youth involved in rebuilding Montserrat following the island’s volcanic crisis. It has won several UN awards for excellence. Her next documentary “A Discovery of Home” compares the French and British Caribbean and makes a bold statement for Caribbean unification across all barriers. Both of her documentaries have been broadcast extensively throughout the Caribbean and also internationally. Natalie seeks to broaden perspectives on Caribbean life through her work, while telling regional stories in a genuine way. She works as a manager for local station, People’s Television, and has founded New Destiny Arts, a social enterprise specializing in management of creative projects. You can visit her blog at